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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Winner of the Blog Bash 2011 contest is....

The winner is #1188 Toni! She has already confirmed, as I am writing this, I got her email reply back. ;)


Welcome to the Blog Bash 2011 Blog Hop. $100 iTunes GC Giveaway. Open To US Only

Welcome to the Blog Bash 2011 Blog Hop! I am very excited! There are tons, and tons of prizes to be won at this big bash. :) If you are wondering why the date on top of the blog says June 27th. I have to post it like that, to "Sticky" the post to the top of my blog. Thats the only way to do it in blogger. The contest does run from June 22-26th. I just wanted to make sure, that no one was confused lol. ;) I tend to confuse people a lot. ;)

I have a $100 iTunes gift card up for grabs, to one  lucky reader! This contest is open to USA Only. I was going to open it world wide, but the back of the card says for, USA accounts only. So sorry about that! So it is USA participants only. 

I love iTunes, you can buy so much there. I have an ISP with so much bandwidth per month that I can use, so I cant use this. I dont want to go over my bandwidth for the month.  I want someone who can use it, to have it. :) 

So my loss, is your gain! 

Make sure you scroll down, and enter the other blogs in the hop! There are tons, and tons of prizes to be won! :) 

You must follow me on GFC and put your info in the Rafflecopter form. Make sure your GFC name in the Extra info Box.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winners of the Dream Tarts Soy Wax Creations Sampler box are....

Congratulations! You all have been emailed.  You have until Friday June 24th at 7 PM Central to get back to me, or alt winners will be chosen. Thanks so much!

Entry #50
Name:  Rhonda McBride

Entry #203
Name:  Christine

Entry #86
Name:  wcc

Entry #172
Name:  Elyce Hackley

Entry #218
Name:  Michelle @womenwwin

Entry #19
Name:  susan varney

Entry #89
Name:  Angela H

The winner of the $10 Burger King Gift Card is...

Congratulations! You have until Friday June 24 at 10 AM Central to get back to me, or another winner will be chosen.

Monday, June 20, 2011

GREAT Heartsy Deal of the day. $10 for $25 Online Store Credit at Studio76 Cosmetics

Today there is an awesome Heartsy deal going on.  $10 for $25 Online Store Credit at Studio76 Cosmetics! If you are new to heartsy, when you sign up, you get a $5 credit. So this deal will only cost you $5!

So click on the pic below, to take you to the deal!

The Winner of the I Love My Daddy Fathers Day Prize Pack is....

Congrats Rita! You have been emailed, and you have until Wednesday June 22, 2011 at 8 AM Central to get back to me, or another winner will be chosen. Thank you to all that have entered!

(CLOSED) Welcome to the I Love my Daddy Blog Hop Giveaway! Prize pack worth $120

Daddy Hop

Congrats to Entry #547Rita O'Neal. You have been emailed. :)

Welcome to the I Love my Daddy Blog Hop Giveaway! I have all kinds of goodies to giveaway to ONE lucky reader. 

First off we have Country Bob's. You can read my review here

It was 1968 when Country Bob Edson perfected his sauce recipe and today we call it All Purpose Sauce because it was more than just a steak sauce. Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce has remained the flagship item since 1982 when Country Bob, Inc. was established.

Country Bob's is offering A Country Bobs Gift Pack, and Cookbook to our Lucky Winner.  

Next up is Zebra Pens. I love pens. I have about a billion pens around here. Zebra pens are one of my favorites. 

They click so easily, and the writing is always so smooth. Zebra Pens are offering a 4 pack of SARASA SE Zebra pens. To our lucky winner

Lastly I have two Rayovac RNT3AAA-B Roughneck 200 Lumen Metal Flashlights with Batteries and Holsters. I love these flashlights. They take four AAA Batteries. They shine very bright, and they are small, and compact. 

Recently our power went out, and this flashlight worked like a charm. It has a pulsating light in it also. I thought that was pretty neat!

One winner will get all this for the Special Father in their life! The total of the prize package is $120 total, and consists of:

Country Bob's Cookbook and Gift pack

Two Rayovac RNT3AAA-B Roughneck 200 Lumen Metal Flashlights with Batteries and Holsters

Four pack of SARASA SE Zebra pens

Scroll down to the bottom, to the other blogs in the hop, to win more prizes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I had two contestst that ended earlier, and here are the winners.

The winner of The Orange Owl Soap Giveaway is

Follow The Orange Owl on Facebook  (CONFIRMED)



JUNE 18, 2011 11:43 PM

First winner didnt reply, so the new winner is... #9

Anonymous said...9

i follow you on Twitter as mom2girls1974

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Entertaining the kids during summer break

Guest post written by Caty Michaels

I think that everyone can agree that this summer is already quite a scorcher. But just try and explain that to my kids who I can barely get to come indoors at the end of the day. They just want to stay outside and play all the time, no matter how hot it is. But I guess that they're just taking advantage of being out of school in the meantime.

So I've been trying to find ways to cool them down if they insist on staying outside. I was online getting some ideas the other day when I saw the website and changed over our internet service to it.

I went out and bought a kiddie pool and I think that I ended up sitting in it more than my kids did. It just might be an excellent way to keep an eye on my kids this summer while cooling off myself. My husband thought it was so funny when he got home and saw me sitting in the middle of the kiddie pool by myself reading a book.

I love shopping at Sears!

I love shopping at Sears! You can get just about, anything and everything you want there. From computers, to small and large appliances. The people at Sears, are always so friendly and helpful. Each time I go there, I am always asked, at least two or three times if I need help. When I do need help, they are quick to answer my questions. If they dont know, they always find someone who can help.

One of my favorite items at Sears, are the Craftsman tools. Everyone has someone in their family, that has a person who loves tools. In my family, there is a diesel mechanic, who swears by Craftsman tools. In fact, I know several mechanics, and all I have seen them have tool wise, is Craftsman products. 

So, if you are looking for that last minute Fathers Day Gift, head on over to Sears. You can find just about anything you need for that special Father in your life! 

Hello friends! I could use your help, please!


I belong to a great place called CrowdTap. You can earn money, just by participating in polls, and surveys. While you are there, please check it out and sign up under me, by clicking HERE.

I am trying to get more points. For every person who gives THIS video a thumbs up, I get points. If you could please help me out, I would appreciate it!

If you have something that needs voted for, please put it in the comment section, and I will return the favor. :)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

StoPain Review and Giveaway

I have had cronic pain, for years. I have tried, just about any spray, cream, rub, and ointment there is. I think I have found a miracle in StoPain! I was sent a bottle of StoPain Cold Spray Pain reliever, to do a review on. Let me tell you, this is a miracle in a bottle. The only thing I dislike about it, is the smell. Once I got past the eucalyptus smell, I was in heaven.

My knees always hurt, in the rainy season. My knees were hurting bad one day, and I tried it. It almost INSTANTLY, numbed the pain in my knees. Its in a no drip spray bottle, so I didnt even have to touch it! It is also no stain, so you dont have to worry about it staining your clothing.

You can use this just about anywhere on your body, that you have pain. Except for the head of course. You dont want to get any of this in your eyes. It is for arthritis, muscle aches, and back pain. I have arthritis in my back and knees, so this will be put to good use. I have already used about half of the bottle in the months time, that I have started using it.


You can click HERE, to see where you can buy StoPain in your area. If you want to read more, you can go to the StoPain Website.

You can visit StoPain on Twitter and on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OMG! I am freaking out! My blog is messed up!

EDIT: I Temporarily fixed it. I guess I know a little of what I am doing lol. I just dont have the same header I had. My rss feed button in the middle is missing. If you hover over, where it was, it will still click lol. 

I cant get ahold of my blog designer until the 17th! She is in the middle of moving, and wont have internet access until the 17th. I managed to salvage my CONTACT ME button, but my header is gone, and so is the button for the current giveaways. I am temp hosting the contact me button on photobucket. I hope they dont boot me off for too much bandwidth! I dont know what to do!

All of the blogs she has been designing are like this! I know its a quick fix, but I dont know how to do it. I dont have the header downloaded anywhere. :( I have a huge blog hop giveaway event, that starts on the 16th,  and my blog looks half naked! I am freaking out!

You can still click under the current giveaways, to be taken to the giveaways I have open now. It still works, but there is that odd pic there. It still takes you to the same place. I hope to have a temp fix soon. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

(Closed) Nacho Mama Tees Review and Giveaway

I love wearing funny T-shirts. I got this AWESOME Zombie Apocalypse T Shirt, that  you can find in the Zombie T Shirt Section of the website. I got it just in time for the Zombie Apocalype on May 21st, but they didnt come! SIGH. It looked really cool though! lol.

Nacho Mama Tees has a $6.99 Daily Shirt Deal. This is a good way to get some great shirts, at a great price. They offer global shipping. So if you have loved ones overseas, you can send them a funny shirt, to make their day a little brighter.

Nacho Mama's has so many different funny T shirts to choose from, that it is hard to pick just one! I had a hard time choosing one for my review.

To buy this T Shirt, or choose from a variety of different shirts at Nacho Mama Tees

One lucky reader will win a $15 gift card to Nacho Mama Tees. You must not have a giveaway/review blog, or received a promotional item from Nacho Mama Tees in the last 90 days.

(Closed) Crazy Dog Tshirts Review and Giveaway

I like to wear Tshirts to make people laugh. I got to review a shirt from Crazy Dog Tshirts. I chose the Amish Gone Wild shirt, that can be found in the Funny Tshirt category on the website. I am kind of puzzled. Wouldnt the Amish turn the lights on, if they wanted to go wild? 

There is a daily $6.99 shirt deal, that they have going on. This is a good way, to get a bang for your buck! I mean where else, can you get a great funny shirt for less than 10 bucks!

Crazy Dog Tshirts have a shirt for those 80's enthusiasts. Check out the 80's Tshirts they have! These are great! They bring back so many memories. They have shirts with Atari, Ghostbusters, E.T., and a whole lot more

To buy this T Shirt, or choose from a variety of different shirts at Crazy Dog Tshirts

One lucky reader will win a $15 gift card to Crazy Dog Tshirts. You must not have a giveaway/review blog, or received a promotional item from Crazy Dog Tshirts, in the last 90 days.

(Closed)Costume Squad review and giveaway

Just in Time, for a new season of True Blood. I got this awesome Merlottes Bar and Grill Tshirt, from the Best Sellers Category on the Costume Squad Website. So, on June 26th. I will be wearing this shirt, and watching True Blood season 4 premiere. Yes, I am a freak, thats ok though. ;) You still love me, right?

Costume Squad has a Tshirt for everyone! Check out the Halloween T Shirts! Only 4 more months, to think up the perfect outfit. So, why not get a shirt to wear as part of your costume. They have shirts for all the boys, and ghouls! 

To buy this T Shirt, or choose from a variety of different shirts at Costume Squad

One lucky reader will win a $15 gift card to Costume Squad. You must not have a giveaway/review blog, or received a promotional item from Costume Squad, in the last 90 days.

(CLOSED) Dream Tarts Soy Wax Creations Giveaway

The Sponsor has requested, that I close this contest early. I will be picking the winners shortly.

Candles and tarts, are a big staple in my house. I love to burn one, or the other everyday. One of my favorite places to get tarts is Dream Tarts. Louise, from Dream Tarts, is so sweet and nice. She takes great care in making, and packing the tarts,so they look just as good as they left her shop!

She has tarts, Candles, and Warmers. There are over 1,800 different scents you can choose from. The prices are awesome too. She has a starter set, where you can get tarts and a warmer, for one great price.

The Tea light starter package is $16.00, and consists of:

50 Mini Tarts

1 Traditional Ceramic Tea Light Warmer

8 Unscented Soy Tea Lights

The Electric warmer starter package is $26.00, and consists of:

WARMER: 2 in 1 Candle Tart Warmer:
6 (3 Packs) of Large Tarts {Total 18 Large Tarts} - Pick up to 6 Scents and 1 color per scent.

You can buy all these, and more at Dream Tarts Soy Wax Creations.

WIN IT: 7 winners total!

Louise from Dream Tarts has generously offered 7 of my readers a Sampler Tart Box of 12 tarts. You can choose from one scent category. Aromatherapy, Bakery, Clean, Drink, Earthy, Fruit, Floral, Holiday, Perfume.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UPrinting Greeting Cards Giveaway

It's never to early, to start buying greeting cards! Sometimes, you don't think you will ever have enough. With UPrining, you can put your own image on your cards. You can choose from greeting cards, folded greeting card templates, and online printing services.

Prize Details:
25 Greeting cards from UPrinting.

Please make sure you are entering the required entry in the extra info box on the form. GFC name Etc.

Monday, June 6, 2011

(Closed)Win a $10 Burger King BK Crown Card!

I wanted to test out this awesome new place called Raffle Copter. It helps me with blog giveaways. Its much more clean looking. So, I am giving away a $10 Burger King BK Crown Card.

Make sure you are putting Your GFC username,  facebook share link , etc in the extra info box on the RaffleCopter entry form, not the comment section.

Chili's Good things come in 3's! Win a $20 Chili's Gift card!

Chili's is an awesome place to eat! I love to go there, and get the triple dippers. A triple dipper is three of your favorite appetizers on one plate! Here are 3 of my favorite I get in my triple dipper!

Texas Cheese Fries With applewood smoked bacon, jalapeƱos and green onions. Served with ranch dressing.

HOT SPINACH & ARTICHOKE Served with warm tostada chips.

BOTTOMLESS TOSTADA CHIPS Served with our house-made salsa

My mouth is watering now, just looking at the pictures! It's always fun choosing three different items!

You can create your own trio and win! Just go to and create  your trio. You could win a $20 Chilis gift card. and a chance of 3 grand prizes of $333!

You can win a $20 Chili's gift card to create your own triple dipper.


Click here to fill this form and Enter Night Owls Perch (This must be done, or your other entries dont count. Leave a comment below, to let me know you did this.

EXTRA OPTIONAL ENTRIES: Each is worth 1 entry

Follow me on GFC and Leave your GFC Name

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Like Night Owls Perch on Facebook

Stumble this giveaway

Sub by RSS reader (click the middle owl at the top of the page)

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Tell me your 3 favorite foods you would like to have all on 1 plate. Click here for menu

"Like" Chili's on Facebook 

Follow @Chilis & @Shoutout2eatout on Twitter

Create your terrific trio located on and comment with the URL link

Opt-In to Chili's email club here (You'll receive a free appetizer certificate too!)

Tweet  out this
            "At @Chilis Good Things Come In 3's! Check out @2Wired2Tired for 200 chances to win in the #tripledipper linky rave!”

Write a post on your blog about your 3 favorite foods you would like to have all on 1 plate and mention the promotion. Then comment with the URL link.

This contest runs from June 6, 2011 and ends on June 12, 2011 at 11:59 PM central. USA Only 18 +

I was given a $20 Chili's card in exchange for this post.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The winners of the Country Bobs sauce giveaway are..... picked #57 and #30

wallindeb said...57

I follow you on gfc
Deb Wallin

Erin said...30

shared on fb

e.ringwald at

Congrats! You have both been emailed. :)
You have until June 7th at 2PM central to get back to me, or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks for entering! Please check out my other giveaway, by clicking on the Current Giveaways on the right hand side bar.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

(CLOSED)The Orange Owl Soap Review and Giveaway

I found this adorable little shop called The Orange Owl. I love Owls, so I knew I had to do a review. They have a variety of items. They have soaps, lip balms, bath salt, and body butters. I got to try two soaps and a lip balm. 

First up, I got to try Aunt Z's Lemon Bar soap. This bar is a good size, and smells so good. Its got a good lemony scent. It has really good lather. I like it a lot! I like that the bars are nice and hard. That makes them last longer. Here is a description from the website. 
A tribute to an aunt who makes the best lemon bars in the world. It is a deliciously fresh bar infused with pure lemon essential oil, giving it that extra punch!

Second up, is the Neembu Paani Bar Soap. I chose this, because of its unusual name. . I loved the smell. Lemon is one of my favorite scents, in the spring and summer, to use in bath products. Here is a description from the website
East meets West! 

A tribute to two cultures via a combination of Indian lemonade (called Neembu Paani and made with a hint of cardamom) and lemon poppy seed muffins. The blend of zesty lemon scents with the spicy zing of cardamom, makes this an exceptional combination!

Lastly, we have Citrus splash Sweet Orange lip balm. I can taste mainly, Grapefruit, then orange, then a hint of lemon! I was the kind of kid that would eat lip balm, when I was little! LOL. I dont do it anymore though. :) It goes on very smooth, and is not greasy at all. It is perfect for summer time. 


The Orange Owl has generously offered one of my readers, 2 soaps, and a lip balm of their choice. 

MANDATORY ENTRIES (Leave one comment) You have to do both for your entry to count.

Please follow me on GFC and leave your GFC name


Go to The Orange Owl Shop and pick what 2 soaps and lip balm you would choose if you won. 


1 time entry each except tweeting and Sharing on Facebook, which you may do daily

Enter any of my other current giveaways (1 entry each)

Follow The Orange Owl on Facebook and leave me your facebook name

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Subscribe by email (click the middle owl on the top of the page) Leave the email you followed from. Make sure you CONFIRM the email after you subscribe.

Subscribe by rss reader (click the middle owl on the top of the page

I was not compensated for this giveaway. I was provided 2 soaps and a lip balm for review. 

This contest will run from June 4th, 2011 and will end June 18th, 2011 at 11:59 PM Central time. 

This contest is open to the USA only.

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