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Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to the Blog Bash 2011 Blog Hop. $100 iTunes GC Giveaway. Open To US Only

Welcome to the Blog Bash 2011 Blog Hop! I am very excited! There are tons, and tons of prizes to be won at this big bash. :) If you are wondering why the date on top of the blog says June 27th. I have to post it like that, to "Sticky" the post to the top of my blog. Thats the only way to do it in blogger. The contest does run from June 22-26th. I just wanted to make sure, that no one was confused lol. ;) I tend to confuse people a lot. ;)

I have a $100 iTunes gift card up for grabs, to one  lucky reader! This contest is open to USA Only. I was going to open it world wide, but the back of the card says for, USA accounts only. So sorry about that! So it is USA participants only. 

I love iTunes, you can buy so much there. I have an ISP with so much bandwidth per month that I can use, so I cant use this. I dont want to go over my bandwidth for the month.  I want someone who can use it, to have it. :) 

So my loss, is your gain! 

Make sure you scroll down, and enter the other blogs in the hop! There are tons, and tons of prizes to be won! :) 

You must follow me on GFC and put your info in the Rafflecopter form. Make sure your GFC name in the Extra info Box.


  1. Great giveaway. I couldn't figure out my networked blogs username or how to find the URL of my tweet but I did enter. :)



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