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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OMG! I am freaking out! My blog is messed up!

EDIT: I Temporarily fixed it. I guess I know a little of what I am doing lol. I just dont have the same header I had. My rss feed button in the middle is missing. If you hover over, where it was, it will still click lol. 

I cant get ahold of my blog designer until the 17th! She is in the middle of moving, and wont have internet access until the 17th. I managed to salvage my CONTACT ME button, but my header is gone, and so is the button for the current giveaways. I am temp hosting the contact me button on photobucket. I hope they dont boot me off for too much bandwidth! I dont know what to do!

All of the blogs she has been designing are like this! I know its a quick fix, but I dont know how to do it. I dont have the header downloaded anywhere. :( I have a huge blog hop giveaway event, that starts on the 16th,  and my blog looks half naked! I am freaking out!

You can still click under the current giveaways, to be taken to the giveaways I have open now. It still works, but there is that odd pic there. It still takes you to the same place. I hope to have a temp fix soon. 


  1. Thanks for following me ... I'm following you back. I can't imagine the heartburn you must have had with the blog fiasco~scary! Glad you got it fixed!

  2. I am working on this for you right now. I am trying to get all the headers fixed and then will work on the other items.

  3. I can see your RSS feed button. Not sure if it was fixed after your edit! Cute blog design. Thanks for following me @ Life or Something Like It. Following you back.


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